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How to Choose the Right Contract Packaging Company

How to Choose the Right Contract Packaging Company

Contract packaging companies specialize in warehousing and packaging materials and are highly valued by supply chain managers. For small auto parts suppliers or companies in Southeast Michigan selling to the Federal government, outsourcing to a packaging specialist can help predict costs and win more contracts. The first thing to consider is why you would want to seek out a contract packaging provider in the first place.

Three reasons to outsource to a contract packaging company

First of all, outsourcing your packaging and related warehouse space will save you big on the costs of maintaining a large space that you may not need all the time, and the cost of equipment.

Second, if you're supplying government contracts, your packaging will require special handling to meet all government standards, also known as mil-spec packaging. Mil-spec packaging is precise and can be difficult to get right. Shipments not up to these standards can be rejected by the government and cost you extra time and money. A warehouse and contract packaging company specializing in mil-spec packaging will save you time, money and frustration.

Third, you will gain efficiency by having a professional packaging firm complete your kitting (if necessary) and ship the final packages. By having one source manage all your warehousing and packaging you will be able to scale your operations up or down as needed.

There are many dynamics to consider prior to choosing the right company. 

Before you start looking for a contract packaging company make a checklist of information you need to make your decision, such as,

  • Your goals and future expectations for packaging
  • How much experience and knowledge will be required by the packaging company to handle your product properly? (e.g. hazmat, mil-spec, etc.)
  • How will the company handle communication about progress (phone check-ins, online, email, etc.)
  • How flexible are they with changes?
  • What turnaround time is expected
  • How are challenges addressed
  • How are projects priced
  • What certifications do you need or require to handle your materials
  • Will you have the opportunity to walk through their facility

Think carefully before picking the organization to handle your contract packaging. It is important to do your research.

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