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The 5 Best Reasons for Considering Custom Automotive Packaging

The 5 Best Reasons for Considering Custom Automotive Packaging

The United States is among the top automotive markets globally. In 2018 alone, the country exported about 63.2 billion dollars in heavy, medium, and light vehicles and an extra 85.6 billion dollars in auto parts. Besides, the auto parts supplier industry is vast and supports more than four million jobs either directly or indirectly.

What does that mean? Whether auto parts suppliers are shipping internationally or domestically, there is an increasing need for custom packaging automotive parts to ensure they reach the end destination fully intact and damage-free.

A packaging engineer and a packaging contractor are crucial in designing and executing custom packaging to guarantee that parts get to their destination according to specifications and in excellent condition.

What Is Custom Automotive Packaging?

Generally, automotive parts come with unique and irregular shapes that need specially designed or customized crates. When we talk of custom automotive packaging, special crates or boxes are designed while considering the specifications, typically military specifications. It can be corrugated, plastic, foam insulation, molded pulp, void fill design, and more.

Custom automotive packaging comes in two primary types. The expendable include single-use packages, which are disposable after use. Returnable is the other type and includes packaging made for reuse, such as  custom plastic and metal containers . The packaging is significant to ensure the successful shipping of auto parts around the world. Below are the benefits of custom packaging automotive parts.

Benefits of Custom Automotive Packaging


1. Protection and Preservation

Automotive parts should reach the end destination fully intact; otherwise, damages significantly derail production and negatively impact the margins. That is why the package design must offer adequate durability and safeguard the auto parts from the elements, commotion in air freight, and impacts of shipping the materials through rough terrains.

2. Reduce Waste

When you use a tight-fitting package for a particular object, for example, a radiator, you minimize waste since the container uses less amount of material to hold and protect the product. Besides, customization involves the design of internal partitions and padding that ensure proper packing of the contents and provides more protection. You also get a package style of your choice. Reduced waste in your company is a step towards reducing environmental impact.

3. Increased Shipment Loads

Through custom packaging automotive parts, distributors can ship more products in the same shipment truck or other shipping methods because of the containers' design to be as small as possible. Due to the tight fit, the dimensional weight is almost equal to the package's actual weight. The move significantly lowers shipping costs while improving supply chain efficiency.

4. Increased Brand Value

On average, consistency in branding raises revenue by 23%, and one way to achieve that is through customized packaging. Customers are likely to develop a bond with your brand when you present it consistently, increasing their chances of purchasing from your company.

5. Cost-Effectiveness

Most of the advantages of custom automotive packaging lead to cost-effectiveness, saving on material, shipment, and logistic costs. The packaging solutions require less packing material and protect the content, thus ensuring safe transportation and optimal design that saves on money and reduces costs.

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