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How to Multiply Your Growth with a Packaging House Partnership

How to Multiply Your Growth with a Packaging House Partnership

Packaging Partner vs. a Packaging Vendor


Are you currently looking for a packaging house to fulfill your military and commercial packaging needs? There are several straightforward factors to keep in mind like their location, pricing, experience and more. However, the most critical component of finding the right company to work with is choosing a packaging partner as opposed to a vendor.

What’s the difference?

It comes down to the type of relationship. Vendors work job-to-job, fulfilling orders as requested but they have no deep interest in the long-term success of your business. This type of relationship is transactional where each party is working for themselves.

Partners, on the other hand, are seen as an extension of your company. They work with you to solve complex issues, provide long-term solutions and invest time in your success. Partners aid in correct packaging and shipping logistics, building your profitability and accentuating your government contracts. This type of relationship is relational and is considered a strategic alliance.

Vendor vs Partner

Ultimately, working with a partner comes down to having trust, reliability, and a strategic alliance. It’s a beneficial relationship for both parties with a long-term focus to grow business.

So, how do you find a partner and not a vendor?

Here are some tips on how to select the right company.

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